Take care of Mind

Take care of Mind
Meditation for healthy and peaceful Mind

How to take care of Mind or why it is even important to consider? “Mind is defined in Buddhism as a non-physical phenomenon which perceives, thinks, recognizes, experiences and reacts to the environment”. And most of the time we suffer because of the way we react to our environment. As Sadhguru says “When you are meditative, the reaction aspect of you is taken off. There is no reaction in you. No matter what kind of situation you are placed in, you are not reactive to it. You are only responding to it ”.

In these days most of the illnesses are mind created (to know the reason please click Here) because the continuous process of thoughts and most of the thoughts are negative in nature. Most of the times we either busy in thinking about our future or the past which may leads to illness. Hence taking care of Mind is as important as taking care of Body.

Simple Tips for healthy Mind

  • The best way to take care of your mind is to do Meditation on daily basis, at least 10-20minutes a day. (Click Here to know more or to practice)
  • Even Yoga practices not only help for healthy Body but even helps for concentration, peace of mind. (Click Here to get simple tips to take care of your Body)
  • Give some time for self by playing your favorite game or playing an instrument or listening to your favorite music or giving time to your favorite hobby.
  • Play with kids which gives to mind relaxation.
  • Spend time with loved once, family members, friends.
  • Going for Holiday, trekking.
  • Being with nature gives you experience of life.